Performance Review #22 : Prof en Poche, They Stayed On The School Benches

Performance Review #22 : Prof en Poche, They Stayed On The School Benches

Who has never spent several hours in front of a school assignment without understanding what was expected by the teacher? Between parents’ irritation and children’s exasperation, anarchy in the house quickly arrived when it comes to schoolwork! What parent would leave their dear cherubs in a total misunderstanding of their lessons? Very few, and that’s where Prof in Pocket comes in.

In a nutshell. A teacher on request.

Yes, tutoring solutions exist, but they remain ad hoc and are often constraining in addition to being a financial abyss. Prof en Poche is the first French-speaking virtual teacher, available on Facebook Messenger, iOS and Android. This digital pedagogical assistant allows students to effectively revise and do their homework on the medium they use most: the mobile. With a chatbot – discussion with artificial intelligence – available 24 hours a day and online teachers from 5pm to 9pm, high school students are supported in their academic careers and orientations.

The team. They fell into the pot when they were little.

At the head of this project are two brothers, Vincent and Paul. « We fell into education when we were kids, our parents started a tutoring school 35 years ago, » Vincent recalls. This fertile ground allows the two brothers to develop their parents’ concept: dogs do not make cats. The third partner in this great adventure, Samuel, trained at the Université Technologique de Compiègne, comes from a family of teacher-researchers in mathematics. For Vincent, choosing Samuel as a partner was obvious: « We had a great connection, he too had parents in teaching. Digital education was a hit and it’s an important brick to have such a brilliant CTO in a technology project like ours.

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