Performance Chronicle #29: Flex-Sense OR Off-Road Sensors

Performance Chronicle #29: Flex-Sense OR Off-Road Sensors

Set on its rock, the Little Mermaid of the port of Copenhagen has her eyes fixed on the sea. Is she looking for her prince charming or is she observing the movements of her seafarers? Today in danger, the precious shells can be monitored not as in a children’s tale but by Flex-Sense technology.

In a nutshell. The Oyster From the Beginning.

Flex-Sense for flexibility and sensors, a name that perfectly reflects the activity of the young start-up company that offers remote telemetry for extreme environments. By extreme environment, we mean underwater environment or with large temperature ranges such as cold rooms or ore extraction quarries. All these sectors need to recover good quality data continuously.

Flex-Sense has been developing adaptable technologies for « old trades » for more than three years now, says Emmanuel.

The Problem. A Unrelenting Struggle.

Oyster farming, a highly skilled profession, is at the heart of the agricultural activities of our coasts. However, during the summer season, oyster aquaculturists face a high mortality rate for their oysters. This mortality, which is very uneven between regions, does not affect the same categories of spat, making it difficult to analyse.

In addition to this unresolved natural problem, oyster aquaculturists are constantly being robbed of their precious pearly shells. Only a few weeks ago, a looting of more than two tons of oysters took place on the island of Ré. For these oyster aquaculturists, who have hardly been spared, there are few solutions on the market apart from helicopter flights over crops or private guarding.

Article to be found in full on Forbes.


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