Effectuation Chronicles #19: PinotBleu, Transmitting the Love of Organic Wine

Effectuation Chronicles #19: PinotBleu, Transmitting the Love of Organic Wine

As Marcel Pagnol said, « When the wine is drawn, it should be drunk, especially if it is good ». But with 80% of the wine bought in supermarkets and no proven advice, what should you drink? Who has never spent 30 minutes in the Carrefour wine section trying to choose the right Bordeaux to impress a group of amateur friends?

In a nutshell. It’s okay, it’s organic.

This reality is reflected in the latest study by the Agence du Bio according to which 51% of French people would like to find more organic wines in supermarkets and supermarkets. The organic wave is not about to end in the wine market where 9% of the vines are now organic in France. With so many vineyards and organic grape varieties, how to choose? PinotBleu is your solution.

PinotBleu makes it easy to choose the right bottle of wine, and organic wine. In keeping with the values they hold dear, Thomas and François-Xavier « offer wines from all over France that are produced in the most beautiful conditions to share them with his family and friends ». In the form of boxes, boxes and subscriptions, the best bottles reach you in 24 to 48 hours. Our two wine lovers have made a place for themselves in our hearts but also in professional events.

The team. A surprising complementarity.

Thomas and François-Xavier are the result of a chance meeting: friends in common, a dinner and the entrepreneurial idyll begins. A duo of engineering schools and polytechnics that, after a few meetings, throw themselves into the water, or rather into the fermentation tank; two worlds that meet and complement each other completely.

François-Xavier, who worked in the « reversal », i. e. putting companies back on their feet, is therefore obviously in charge of the operational part. Thomas, who has had several experiences in large groups, manages the digital experience, communication and customer management. The PinotBleu family has grown considerably and now has six employees three years after its creation. Based in Lyon, the fine team is divided into different positions: acquisition, development, sales, supply chain and communication.

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