Effectuation Chronicles #18: KickandBoost Making the Invisible Visible

Effectuation Chronicles #18: KickandBoost Making the Invisible Visible

In 1975, the intangible represented 17% of the value of our companies, today it represents more than 84%. What happened? What happened? Undoubtedly a profound transformation of our economy towards knowledge and digital technology. But how can we make visible this intangible value resulting from our brain juice, from the interactions between the company, its stakeholders, society and the environment, etc.? This intangible nature of business, intangible by nature, is nevertheless very present and deserves to be better understood, developed and financed. The KickandBoost platform works in this direction by financing B2B intangible projects.

In two words: Financing the intangible at the beginning

With atypical profiles, innovative solution. Two engineers working together to develop a financing platform is unusual but functional. The KickandBoost platform, at the crossroads of the banking world, participative financing and Bpifrance grants, offers a solution for financing companies’ intangible assets. Make no mistake about it; behind this technical name with its British accents lies a solution that is accessible to everyone.

Simply put, on KickandBoost, sellers can pre-finance their intangible projects such as software development, training or application development. The buyers, by participating in the kitty, receive the deliverable within the time limit determined by the seller. A mutualization of costs in the form of pre-purchase which gives the platform all its usefulness. The development of this virtuous circle in just two years has been described to us in a Cartesian way by one of the co-founders: Khaled.

The problem: Where to look?

At the origin of KickandBoost, two entrepreneurs with unique profiles: Khaled Baaziz and Stéphane Grousson. Both are engineers and have met at school. Khaled was then following Stéphane’s PhD tutorials in computer science. Khaled and Stéphane share the same logic and follow a similar path. Our two engineers become entrepreneurs only a few years apart. Khaled founded Kamitis, a company specializing in scientific expertise, economic intelligence and strategic and technological intelligence in 2010, and Stéphane embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure in 2003 with Orpiment, which develops digital platforms.

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