Effectuation Chronicle #26 : Move Your Box : Move, And The Glass Ceiling Will Move

Effectuation Chronicle #26 : Move Your Box : Move, And The Glass Ceiling Will Move

« The next emerging market is not China or India, it’s women. Marie Eloy’s favourite quote, founder of Bouge ta Boite, illustrates her way of thinking.

In the feminine drive to find balance in the societal space, she federates and supports women entrepreneurs to develop their businesses through her business network of recommendations in order to gain in leadership and especially in turnover. « There is a glass ceiling for women entrepreneurs, » says Marie, « fuelled by the low sense of legitimacy that women have in prospecting and doing business. They create many companies that make sense, but now the meaning must go with the business.

The problem. Some statistics

Out of the 1000 people with the highest media coverage in 2018, 15.3% are women. The situation is even more alarming when we focus on the « big business » category, where only 1% of women are represented. In general, women make up only 14% of business leaders in companies with more than 10 employees, according to a KPMG study.

Women entrepreneurs are therefore desperately lacking examples to identify with. According to a report by Séverine le Loarne, a GEM researcher, it is estimated that 20% of women live correctly in their companies compared to 50% of men, even though they need to earn more money than women to be able to consider « living » from them. Also, women are more likely to look for meaning in what they do, not money. But this is not enough to justify the gap, and it has to be said that they have more difficulty in passing a profitability cap and developing. The consequences are not only economic but also societal.

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