Effectuation Chronicle #20: Gatling, Getting Armed for the Rise in Charge

Effectuation Chronicle #20: Gatling, Getting Armed for the Rise in Charge

Your Tech team has been developing for several months now the new version of your site specially designed for the sales that are coming soon. Three, two, one… live launch on D-Day! Victim of its success, your site does not resist the thousands of users rushing to good deals. It’s a panic on the Tech side and soon the site crashes. Patatras… goodbye calf, cow, pig, brood!

In a nutshell. Avoid the crash.

To avoid this kind of dramatic situation, Gatling offers the possibility to test the robustness of applications by simulating the most critical moments. Co-founder Paul Henri tells us: « It’s like a sports coach, we prepare applications to hold very high loads so that they don’t crack at 100 meters, i.e. events like Black Friday or the launch of a new product or service. »

The team. The right viewfinder.

At the origin of Gatling, Stéphane Landelle, a nuclear engineer reconverted into the Web then in full boom. Working in large groups, Stéphane does not find tools adapted to the new challenges of the web and the explosion of audiences. Like any self-respecting Tech, Stéphane began to develop his own tool before meeting the right partner in 2014: Paul-Henri.

Paul-Henri, who defines himself as a « touch-and-go », naturally turns to the world of start-ups after his studies at HEC. For him, at first, Gatling was a « super interesting project but one that was not designed to be monetized at all ». Even if he doesn’t know the world of software development at all, the idea goes through his head for a while until he decides to take up the challenge of the impossible. « The Gatling company was born from a rather crazy bet: to put two people with profiles that have nothing to do with valuing a project with very high technological added value. ».

Four years later, Gatling has 7 employees. The two co-founders Stéphane and Paul-Henri respectively CTO and CEO are accompanied by a team of four Techs and a sales manager. Paul-Henri explains that the developers of Gatling are « in the oven and in the mill » and very concerned by the project. It is not uncommon to see its developers in contact with customers and to put on the clothes of a sales representative.

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