Effectuation Chronicle #12 – Eyenight, A Celebration For A Thousand And One Night

Effectuation Chronicle #12 – Eyenight, A Celebration For A Thousand And One Night

Summer is coming to an end. With the start of the school year, holiday loves like dead leaves are picked up by the shovel. September looks very sad. And yet, there is a clear joy in the city. You have seen them proud as Artaban wearing their colours; or heard their carabinieri songs and bawdy choruses. No doubt, the student bacchanals are back! With their share of nonsense and nonsense, this year promises to be a busy one for worried parents and less assiduous students. But what is the relationship between student fredaines and the subject at hand, entrepreneurship? It is because the celebration is not free from the digital and digital transformations that affect our society. The entrepreneurs, the protagonists of this column, are also involved in « disrupting » the practices of night and festive events.

In a nutshell : The Queen of the Night.

Our hero of the day is a heroine, Charline Broche, the co-founder of Eyenight. With Guillaume Bailly-Salins and at the age of 20, they managed to turn what was only an academic project into a real company. Launched in 2014, Eyenight offers professionals in the festive and night event industry a solution for online ticketing and cashless cashing as well as marketing, communication and IT services.

Another platform is dedicated to night adventurers: it allows you to find an event, book and pay online for tickets and drinks, and see who participates. Located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, a region in which Eyenight sells more than 2,000 tickets per month on average, the startup has acquired enough notoriety to want to expand on a national and international scale…

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