Effectuation Chronicle #10: Merito, Against the Trime That Doesn’t Pay

Effectuation Chronicle #10: Merito, Against the Trime That Doesn’t Pay

Today, you are the manager of a department store. The responsibility of a battalion of salesmen, warehouse workers, cashiers and department heads rests on your shoulders. It’s Monday at eight o’clock and the store is waking up. Your first customers are pounding in front of the doors and you’re ready… Crac! What? What? No ? He didn’t dare? « Again? « Your loyal DIY lieutenant informs you that Michel once again sprained his ankle at his Saturday football game. By dint of thinking he’s Neymar, it’s the store he’s going to put on his kneecaps. « Oh, no! Enough is enough! « We’re still going to have to use temporary workers. You know the drill: they are expensive, pretend to work and barely trained are already gone. But what should we do? These chainsaws are not going to sell themselves… Merito has the solution.

In a nutshell. Job badly acquired never benefits.

And yes, you can hear well! There is a solution: Merito, the Parisian start-up specialized in the personalized recruitment of salespeople to counter staff turnover and absenteeism. It also offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for temporary and voluntary employee mobility for more efficient personnel management for large groups. With a fundraising of 700,000 euros and a satisfaction rate of more than 95%, the start-up founded in 2016 hopes to triple its turnover in 2017. Its team of 13 people intends to capitalize on their 40 large client groups. Pierre Maury, one of the co-founders, tells us how Merito intends to grow in a « very competitive market soon at war »…

Article to be found in full on Forbes


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