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Early stage startups in France:
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Estimeo helps investors find tomorrow’s jewels, and offers entrepreneurs new tools to transform their startup into a scale-up

Startup & innovateur

Startups & InnovatorsSeeking to raise funds ?

Our scoring questionnaire allows you to assess the progress of your project.

In under an hour, highlight your strengths and weaknesses, prepare your fundraising and meet investors.

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Incubators & AcceleratorsGauge your impact

Our rating tool offers an objective and structured pre-analysis of your startups deal-flow.

Thanks to rating, you measure the progress of the startups at the beginning and end of your program.

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Incubateur & accélérateur

InvestorsStay alert of potential jewels

We analyze and provide key information to give you an objective and structured look at startups.

Use our digital screening and sourcing tools to simplify your deal-flow.

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Banks & CorporatesUnderstand and grasp the startup risk

Our rating platform gives you an objective and structured look at the key success factors of startups.

By adopting our equity scoring tool, measure your deal-flow's potential.

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Incubateur & accélérateur
  • Startups
  • Target your investors and business partners
  • Compare yourself to your peers
  • Prepare your fundraising
  • Gain visibility
  • Incubators & Accelerators
  • Pre-select startups to support
  • Gauge their progress
  • Monitor your startups' progress
  • Improve your startup support methods
  • Investors
  • Select high-potential startups
  • Select startups based on independent criteria
  • Contact them with ease
  • Accelerate your investment selection process(in average)
  • Banks & Corporates
  • Source and select innovative partners
  • Evaluate and select startups that you are interested in
  • Adapt and expand your offers aimed at startups


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