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Valuation processIndicative financial valuation algorithm



Estimeo bases its valuation on 6 methods whose final weighting depends on the startup's stage of maturity and development.

Rating is the first step in the process, and enables a 360-degree assessment of the company in terms of its risks and the identification of its intangible assets.

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Interview with an analyst

An analyst contacts the startup in order to understand the valuation context and the financial structuring of the project.

This exchange is used to frame the assignment and start the valuation process.


Calculation of Valuation

Estimeo has developed an indicative financial valuation algorithm taking into account extra-financial and intangible criteria.

The use of several valuation methods makes it possible to analyse the intrinsic value of a company from different points of view.


Valuation report

At the end of the process, the startup obtains a valuation range in a PDF document detailing the 6 methods used.

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In order to better understand the results, a telephone debriefing is offered.