Are you entering the fundraising phase?Do you want to invest in a startup?

Tools to calculate the most accurate valuation of a startup without interest bias.

The valuation of the startup is at the heart of the relationship between founders and investors.

We position ourselves as a trusted third party in this negotiation, which is essential to the success of your meeting.

Valuation algorithmindicative financial

Driven by the desire to balance the dialogue between investors and innovators, Estimeo has developed an indicative financial valuation algorithm based essentially on startup declarations.

Valuing the immaterialfrom simple data

Estimeo valuation allows startups to use a complex calculation tool by declaring a certain number of simple data. The objective is to deliver and enlighten entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in understanding the ins and outs of private equity and the valuation of the intangible.

The valuation proposed by Estimeo is based on several methods that will be combined and weighted according to the age of the startup and the context of the valuation.

The valuation obtained will therefore depend on the financial parameters of the startup, in particular the Business Plan but also on multiple sectors, market discount rates and other specific coefficients of the model but also on its rating by Estimeo and more specifically on the ratings on the 6 elementary pillars examined by Estimeo.