Evaluate your strengths and weaknessesRating, a step towards improvement

Estimeo’s rating report in based on 6 pillars: human, market, offer, strategy, innovation, finance.

This analysis allows us to identify your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint improvement paths. In addition, it allows us to determine where you stand compared to similar startups in your sector.

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Enter the ecosystemEstimeo’s brand, a guarantee of trust

You can obtain the Estimeo Label, brand alongside our partner investors.

Improve your visibility within the ecosystem and gain the support of our community of services: startups selected to bring their expertise in projects development.

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At the end of the rating process, you receive your Estimeo grade as well as a select list of investors to explore new financing paths.

You decide if you’d like to share your grade with our recommended investors in order to improve the business relationship !

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  • Target your investors and business partners
  • Compare yourself to your peers
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Scoring allows you to achieve a real milestone on your project.

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Tools to calculate the most accurate valuation of a startup without interest bias.

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