Rating processPreparing the evaluation of a startup


Rating Form

After registering on the platform, you can access the rating form by clicking on "Rating Form".

It takes about 30 minutes to validate this first step.

The form provides the elements necessary for our scoring algorithm to work properly.


Telephone interview

An analyst will contact you to refine the results of the rating algorithm.

Prepare your deck or any company presentation documents, Business Plan and balance sheets*.
* if the maturity of your startup allows it

It takes about 30 minutes of interview time to review your answers to the rating form and to adapt our evaluation methodology to the maturity and innovations of your project.


Algorithmic rating

Our analysts will study your project in order to provide the most accurate elements to our rating algorithm.

This contribution in human intelligence makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity of the information entered as part of the rating process.


Getting the rating

At the end of the rating process, you get access to your rating report online as well as a printable version (.PDF) that provides a 6-dimensional analysis of your project.


Debriefing and sharing

In order to better understand your results, an analyst will assist you when you receive your rating report.

You can activate the sharing of your rating report in order to communicate your results to a third party.

language Public: rating accessible to all

groupCommunity: Rating report available to our community of investors and business partners.

lockPrivate: Do not share the rating and the rating report.

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