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    Location : Biot, France

    Industry : Software data and AI

    Keywords : computer softwareBIMReality dataCloudConstruction industryCADLaser ScanSurveyorsPoint Cloud3D Data AutoDeskRevit

    Creation date : 2013

    If you use 3D terrestrial laser scanners to manage your company's property assets, you use 3D laser scanning as part of your surveying, architecture or CAD business, Cintoo Cloud will help manage point clouds. Cintoo Cloud offers the industry’s most comprehensive scan-BIM platform to compare a scan and a BIM model or a scan to a scan. Cintoo Cloud enables you to track issues and detect errors as well as manage scan projects collaboratively between internal and external stakeholders, customers and contractors. Why you need to try Cintoo Cloud Cintoo Cloud transforms each of your laser scans into a high-resolution 3D mesh 10 to 40 times smaller in size than the point cloud, with no compromise to accuracy. Once your mesh is in the cloud, the data then becomes collaborative, shareable and distributable via a simple WebGL browser such as Google Chrome so you can manage and collaborate on your scan projects via the cloud. Organize scans into work-logic zones with access right management, and enrich scan data with measurements, notes, private notes, issues or heat maps to enable real-time issue tracking on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis for enhanced engagement and time savings. Cintoo’s cloud-based distribution of scan data means you can create your own crops, perform Scan-to-BIM desktop-based modelling as well as Scan and BIM desktop-based clash detection. Integrated scan versus BIM model comparison tools help you assess the BIM model’s accuracy and completeness, and perform field verification and issue tracking during construction. Most revolutionary of all, Cintoo Cloud can inversely transform 3D mesh back into point cloud format for use in CAD software such as Revit or Navisworks for clash detection, with no compromise on data accuracy. Cintoo Cloud is the platform of choice to make the best use of your laser scanning investment and to improve collaboration between your team members and customers.

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