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    Location : Paris, France

    Industry : B2B services

    Keywords : Shopping CentresMallsCRMFinTechDataMallsretailstoreloyalty programdata processingcardlessbusiness analyticsB2B

    Creation date : 2016

    Transaction Connect provides the mall industry with an exclusive marketing solution to easily implement spending based loyalty program. No needs for additional hardware or point-of-sale integration, we leverage innovative banking technologies to collect and analyze purchasing data. Customers enjoy a loyalty cardless experience as they are automatically rewarded when they pay with their usual credit card. Our exclusive mall analytics provide management teams with clear insight to improve their marketing and mix merchandising strategy. - provide customers with a loyalty cardless experience - implement a turn-key loyalty program to boost traffic, sales and adoption of new brands - enjoy exclusive insight on their mix merchandizing - offer new services to their retailers

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    Didier GastéCEO LinkedinTwitter
    Maxime DellerieCTO LinkedinTwitter
    Pierre-Louis DurelCOO LinkedinTwitter
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