fiber_manual_record4th or 5th year of engineering school or university
fiber_manual_recordStrong interest in Web and Mobile UI/UX
fiber_manual_recordInitiative and responsibility
fiber_manual_recordIT Autonomy
fiber_manual_recordGood relational skills
fiber_manual_recordExperience with HTML / JS / CSS ( + Frameworks)
addReactJS experience
addBackEnd experience
addMobile development experience
fiber_manual_recordManagement in autonomy of the showcase website (Fix, design, UX), management of the blog and news
fiber_manual_recordWork on new features for the Estimeo platform (with the CTO and a Data Scientist)
fiber_manual_recordWriting of a Blog Tech article to gain visibility as an intern (Open subject, to discuss with the internship supervisor)
fiber_manual_record4th or 5th year (University, Business school, Communication school or Professional degree)
fiber_manual_recordWriting and communication skills
fiber_manual_recordAnalytical and synthesis skills
fiber_manual_recordCreative, proactive, autonomous and dynamic
fiber_manual_recordFamiliarized with social networks communication
fiber_manual_recordMastery of office, web and infographic softwares
addKnowledge of innovation
addKnowledge of financial analysis
fiber_manual_recordIdentify, expand and qualify contact and prospect data (Innovators and investors)
fiber_manual_recordSet up and be involved in commercial meetings
fiber_manual_recordEnsure market monitoring and competitive analysis
fiber_manual_recordContribute to ESTIMEO's media communication: press relations, writing content and language elements, etc
fiber_manual_recordLead social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and the Estimeo community
fiber_manual_recordBe involved in communication and awareness events organized by Estimeo: breakfasts, road shows, conferences, etc