Identify tomorrow’s unicornsQuick and automatic filtering

Estimeo’s rating gives a synthetic, neutral and independent indicator that allows you to identify, classify and filter investment opportunities.

Standardization of data offers a clear and comparable reading of targeted startups.

Qualify startupsA simplified evaluation and follow-up

Estimeo bases its rating report on 6 pillars: human, market, offer, strategy, technology, finance.

By accessing our rated companies’ database, you are informed as startups get rated to quickly identify the ones that fit your investment criteria.

Stay alert of potential jewelsAccelerated contact with startups

The dashboard allows you to follow indicators related to your investment strategy (fundraising, rating, first contact..)

You are personally notified when a startup in accordance with your investment strategy and criteria receives the minimum grade you had pre-defined.


  • Select high-potential startups
  • Select startups based on independent criteria
  • Contact them with ease
  • Accelerate your investment selection process


Scoring allows you to achieve a real milestone on your project.

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Tools to calculate the most accurate valuation of a startup without interest bias.

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