Improve your value propositionA tool to expand your support offer

By using Estimeo’s rating platform, you bring a new service of added value to your startups allowing you to build a better support offer and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Follow your startups' evolutionThe rating, a scalable indicator

By regularly rating your incubated startups, the dashboard allows you to follows indicators related to your support strategy.

Through this monitoring, you gauge the stage as well as the potential growth of the startups you accompany.

Grades’ follow-up allows you to make your program performance more objective by measuring the impact of the support.

Accompany tomorrow’s jewelsSimplified filtering and selection

With Estimeo’s rating platform, you get a quick, reliable, and structured pre-analysis of your startups deal-flow.

Your startup selection process selection process is simplified because we standardize the information, making it easily comparable.

Incubators & Accelerators

  • Pre-select startups to support
  • Gauge their progress
  • Monitor your startups' progress
  • Improve your startup support methods


Scoring allows you to achieve a real milestone on your project.

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Tools to calculate the most accurate valuation of a startup without interest bias.

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