Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different steps before I get my rating ?

To get your rating, nothing easier! Register, fill the questionnaire, click on “Get my rating”, pay if necessary, and that’s it.

How long does it take to get my rating ?

Our questionnaire has been made to be the most exhaustive and synthetic it could. Knowing that time is precious, we optimized it to a maximum. You need approximately an hour to fill it.

What is the used rating methodology ?

We conceived a algorithmic rating method based on 6 pillars: Human, Market, Strategy, Offer, Finance and Innovation.

We evaluate startups in the light of key success factors, and with financial and extra-financial criterias. Estimeo is accompanied on this subject by a committee of experts.

What are the results of the rating ?

Our algorithmic evaluation method is organized on 6 pillars, and based on financial and extra-financial criterias. Once the questionnaire is finished, you will get the details on your strengths and weaknesses for each pillars in addition to your global rating interrelated with a trust indicator.

You will also get an investors “matching” to explore financing options. It is up to you to share your rating with the inverstos that we recommend to you, and to get the most out of it !

What does the trust indicator related to the rating means?

To each rating is correlated a trust indicator that confirms or invalidate the validity of the rating. This trust indicator acts like a “lie detector” according to the completeness rate of the questionnaire, incoherence in answers and overconfidence biases.

How long is the rating valid for ?

Our rating represent, among other things, the progress of the project at a specific date. Our evaluation, which is not an absolute, but more of a reason to discuss, must be evolutionary. Depending on the dynamics of your project, we invite you to get a another rating so that it reflects your real evolution.

How ofter can I get rated ?

Once you get your grade, we block the rating for a period of 15 days. We advise you to get another rating only in the event of significant changes in the project (fundraising, incubation, hiring, etc.)

Who can access my information and my rating ?

Basic informations on your startup identity are de-facto available on the platform (for registered investors). Those informations includes, the name of the startup, its creation date and its website. We also include the name and contact of its founder(s), market profile, market entry and whether or not you are currently seeking funds.

For rating informations (trust indicator and pillars), up to you to share them on the platform! We still remind you that investors are very fond of informations.

If you have any other question, contact us at :