ESTIMEO ADVISORY SERVICESSTARTUPS, put all the chances on your side

Would you like to receive an expert opinion and be guided in your financing strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy?


After having made the most of your startup Estimeo, you will be introduced to qualified investors and supported in the preparation of your meetings.


We co-develop with you a marketing strategy adapted to your business model and its confrontation with the market.

Communication and visibility

We analyse your digital and PR communication by measuring your ROI and co-develop a communication plan specific to your target audience. We promote your startup through our LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook / Newsletter communities.

Competitive positioning

We analyze and present competing startups to identify your competitive advantages and help you stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to go further?

With Estimeo Advisory Services, we offer you specialized support in various areas: fundraising, go-to-market, communication and competitive analysis.