Effectuation Chronicle #34 : Yuka, Healthy Consumption Scoring

Effectuation Chronicle #34 : Yuka, Healthy Consumption Scoring

It is difficult not to politicize consumers’ inspiration to eat better, and the mistrust that falls on manufacturers regarding their ability to offer healthy products.

However, this does not mean that it is a Manichean battle, because if the consumer reacted less positively to the effects of superficial styles, companies would not have to compete for the pinkest ham and the most uniform fruit… It is therefore necessary first to empower and inform the consumer about his choices. That’s what Yuka, the new agri-food intermediary, is doing.

In Two Words. Yuka watches over the Grain.

Yuka is a mobile application for analyzing food and cosmetic products on their impact on health. In addition to this diagnosis, the application recommends similar but healthier products. And, it is important to specify this, in complete independence!

The Problem. Consuming Better.

One of the co-founders, Benoît Martin, had many questions about the food needs of his three children. After analyzing the labels, he realized that a tool capable of decoding them would be welcome. This makes it easier for the informed consumer.

In 2016, he decided with his brother François and his friend, Julie Chapon, to participate in the Hackathon Foodtech de la Gaîté Lyrique, which they won by creating a connected object – in the shape of a carrot – in order to scan the products purchased. So the logo and concept were already there!

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