IPaidThat automates a portion of your company’s accounting.

IPaidThat simplifies the daily life of companies by digitizing their accounting. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, our software automatically searches for invoices in your mail boxes and links them to your banking operations in real time. We extract your accounts entry in one click. Our mobile app also allows you to scan your expense accounts. Finally, our clients have an invoice editor at their disposal on our website.

  • Entrepreneurs often have a hard time referencing their expenses, because they lack the time. What is your solution ?
  • IPaidThat built an intuitive and automated system of expense categorization. The system allows entrepreneurs to simply and efficiently monitor their expenses and incomes. For that purpose, it contains numerous functionalities, such as automatic matching between banking transactions and corresponding invoices.
  • How do you ensure the security of your clients’ data ?
  • IPaidThat treats security as a primordial topic. Our servers are hosted and monitored by reliable providers (OVH, Amazon). They are protected by a firewall and tested on a regular basis against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. Each file is encrypted with today’s best algorithms, ensuring additional security. When threatened with a cyber attack, the files are rendered unreadable. Furthermore, the whole site is only accessible by SSL (HTTPS), making any data interception impossible during communications between your browser and our server.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • We wish to benefit from Estimeo’s network and ecosystem and connect with startups interested in subjects like digital accounting and management solutions for small companies. This partnership is also a chance to co-host events together.