Based in Paris, Forcola is a communication, marketing and business development consulting agency for very small and medium-sized businesses, with two offices in Paris and Venice (Italy).

Faced with the development of new technologies, the elimination of intermediaries and the emergence of megatrends, advertisers, and more particularly small ones, are nowadays confronted with new means of sale, different ways of communicating and constantly evolving distribution channels. For Forcola, these are the pillars of each company that are now being shaken up and can no longer be thought of in a differentiated way. Forcola's ambition is to offer VSEs and SMEs a real boost to their growth, through a comprehensive offer in the three complementary areas of marketing, communication and sales force.

  • For a startup, it is important to establish a connection between communication and business development. How does an accompaniment with Forcola work?
  • Support with Forcola always starts with a listening time: it is important to understand what the startup's concrete objectives are when it comes to communication or business development actions. Once these axes have been clarified, Forcola then carries out an audit of the startup's positioning in order to fully understand everything that could have been implemented before its intervention. We especially like to interview startup members and their clients.
  • Forcola supports the startups of the Paris Dauphine incubator. How does this support enhance Forcola's expertise with startups?
  • Forcola has always helped entrepreneurs. By becoming the appointed expert of the Paris-Dauphine incubator, Forcola is affirming its expertise in supporting startups at different levels of development. Each growth stage requires in-depth analysis and appropriate solutions. That's what we like to do at Forcola !
  • What do you expect from the relationship with Estimeo?
  • At Forcola, we hope to have the opportunity to meet many beautiful startups who use Estimeo's services, and we hope to help them develop in a healthy and sustainable way.