Reinventing executive advice by expert leaders

Expanders reinvents the support of Start-ups and SMEs executives. Our platform allows them to easily access the expertise and experience of experienced executives. Expanders is the first platform to select, evaluate and federate a network of experts recognized in their field, all committed and demanding managers. We make strategic consulting accessible by high-level experts).

  • For a startup, being surrounded by the right experts at the right time is crucial. How do you ensure the matching between project leaders and Expanders?
  • Our experts are carefully selected and rigorously chosen on the basis of recommendations from peers, the breadth of the experience, exchanges through interviews and validation by our committee of "wise men". Expanders provides the fastest and most efficient response to each of our customers' specific needs. A matching is therefore carried out using our algorithm on the basis of 3 key criteria: Expertise, Experience and Affinities).
  • How does a support with Expanders work?
  • The accompaniment offered by Expanders takes place in 4 main stages:
    1. Let's discuss your needs: call us or fill out our online form. We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs and budget in detail.
    2. Let's do the matching: for your specific request, we select and offer you 1 to 3 experts from our high-flying community. You make your choice and we organize the contact.
    3. Take up your challenges: you interact directly with the expert, we take care of the administrative part.
    4. Evaluate the expert: when the exchange is over, we contact you for the expert's evaluation and trigger the payment.)
  • What do you expect from the relationship with Estimeo?
  • The main objective is to create a bilateral partnership between Estimeo and Expanders that would allow us to pool our skills in order to:
    offer inclusive support to our common customers
    generate visibility and awareness for both our brands
    provide each other with business opportunities to support our customers
    regroup our prospecting efforts towards a common target to multiply leads).