Cyrating is the first cybersecurity rating agency rooted in Europe.

Through objective assessments, Cyrating helps companies to sustainably improve their cybersecurity and better understand the risks associated with their suppliers and partners. Cyrating presents an innovative approach by providing a solid foundation and a common language to stakeholders in the value chain. Cyrating provides with ratings between 0 and 100 and industry benchmarks. Cyrating named a representative provider by Gartner for Security Rating Services, in 2018.

  • Why is it important to rate cybersecurity in a particularly automatic way?
  • Information Systems are at the heart of our companies and traditional approach to assess their cybersecurity presents several issues. With an automatic rating, Cyrating provides with a clear, objective, reliable and fast information that enable peer benchmarking.
  • What does the result of your rating bring to startups?
  • Cybersecurity is a key issue for startups. They must bring confidence to their customers, their investors and their partners. With Cyrating, startups can take advantage of cybersecurity best practices and also communicate more positively about their cybersecurity.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo?
  • Our partnership is a unique opportunity to make cybersecurity accessible to all. With Cyrating, cybersecurity is now a decision criteria for the entire innovation ecosystem.