Bonanza is a mobile app created to facilitate the matching between Companies and Interns. With us, you no longer have to individually post your internship offers on each school’s website to attract the right students.

Bonanza is the student-recruiter matching app. Here students apply with one click to internship or apprenticeship offers. Bonanza also offers an exhaustive follow-up of applications and an helpful feedback for those declined. The algorithm assure a good matching between students and recruiters, a comprehensive and ergonomic tool of application managing is then offered to companies. Bonanza hopes to rethink the company/student approach.

  • How did you come up with Bonanza ?
  • Like a lot of entrepreneurs, it came from our own observation as students. The search for an internship or apprenticeship is often repetitive and complex for a student. After developing our app, companies started reaching us to circulate their recruiting needs, employment brand, and now, student jobs. I think we still have a lot of paths to explore !
  • What’s the stake for a startup to go through your platform more than another one ?
  • Bonanza allows a short and long term impact non-comparable. First we automatically disseminate your interns and apprentices recruiting needs on the phone of matching profile, whatever the type of job (digital or not), to allow you to simply hire profile suited to your needs. Then we provide you a way to externalise your school relations, by diffusing your employment brand in our partner schools and by regularly inviting you to many events to improve your recruitment over time.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • We think that Estimeo and Bonanza share a common social approach, which is to help entrepreneurs. Event if our tools answers to different needs, they have one and only mission: to support tomorrow’s men and women in their success. This partnership allows us to join our services to share our knowledge, our markets, and our perspectives.