Action Metrics helps and promotes startups to harvest their data et transform it into a relevant source of information to enhance their operations, their growth and their fundraisings

Action Metrics is founded by Melinda Elmborg, an entrepreneurship export based on data, whom worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst and as VC at Daphni.

  • It is often hard to gauge the growth of a startup and to define its KPI. What solution does Action Metric have to offer in the face of these interrogations?
  • Action Metrics offers numerous services for tracking and defining KPIs. During the “diagnosis” workshop, we decompose the company’s user experience to define where the lack of data tracking is located. Furthermore, we do the link between client value and performance objectives to identify the KPIs and how to display them in dashboards.
  • Each startup is unique, how does Action Metric decide which KPIs to recommend for each project ?
  • Indeed each startup is unique, that is why it is important that we do not focus on standard performance indicators. A startup has to choose its own definition of success , for example: for a consumer app, it would be the monthly active users, for a SaaS, the monthly payment rate. For a marketplace, the gross merchandise volume. Then it is required to analyze the levers which increase your performance indicators. One trick is to look at the different stages of the user experience and to observe the conversion rate between the steps until the user adds himself to your KPI (MAU/MRR/GMV)
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • I am looking forward to meeting ambitious entrepreneurs who wants to make their startups grow!