Zibeline is a digital innovation agency specialized in social networks.

Zibeline is a digital innovation agency specialized in social networks. We develop your visibility and notoriety in order to increase your brand image, accelerate business development or your recruitment. We manage your social networks: employee and executive accounts, but also your company's account. Indeed in the new world, that of the multitude, the voice of an anonymous person weighs as much as that of a multinational, everyone becomes an actor! Time-consuming, complicated, afraid of being out of line? No problem, we support you on a daily basis, whether for advice or the management of your networks. The strength of sable? These are transparent and financially accessible offers, with a strategy tailored to your company and your employees!

  • The notoriety of a start-up on social networks helps the development of the latter, how does Zibeline help startups in this field?
  • Zibeline is a support from A to Z via our 4 business areas at the service of startups: Inspiration, Training, Consulting and Execution. The key words are professionalism, reactivity, quality, while offering transparent and competitive formulas. Through our respective backgrounds (finance, energy, IOT & journalism) we can take a 360 degree look at your business. And it is a real pleasure to work with startups, we like their energy and efficiency.
  • How are strategies and content creation implemented?
  • As a preamble to each new relationship, we conduct a one-hour interview by telephone or in person. During this one, we cover all the topics to better understand who you are, the activity of your startup and the short and medium term issues. Once this interview is completed, Zibeline proposes a strategy that will evolve over time, via reviews every 3/6/12 months depending on the subscription. Then it's time for execution! On content creation, most of the startups we work with already have a communication and marketing department that creates content. If we can also create them on our side, we usually intervene as a backup, when needed. Again, these are formulas that we offer with transparent and competitive prices.
  • What do you expect from the relationship with Estimeo?
  • For us a startup that uses Estimeo is already a winning startup! Indeed, being rated on Estimeo is an evaluation with an external perspective, without cognitive or emotional bias. It is therefore also accepting a questioning (and the best possible!). This challenge is essential to achieve excellence and therefore maximize the chances of survival of your startup. If excellence has not yet been achieved, it highlights the need for improvement, which we would be happy to meet to support you in your success.