Plezi is a platform of marketing automation that allows you to take advantage of your content to develop your business.

Plezi is the favorite marketing automation software of B2B marketing super heroes! Highlight your contents, identify and attract more visitors, then let Plezi change your contacts into business opportunities for your sales representatives, thanks to Lead Nurturing.

  • As innovative as they products may be, startups often have a hard time making their products visible. To solve that problem, you built a platform to automate their marketing. How does it really work?
  • Plezi is a “new-gen” platform that helps companies enhance their global marketing strategy by making their website the first canvasser and contributor of qualified leads. About the content strategy, Plezi allows you to:
    1. maximize web traffic, identify and track visitors.
    2. transform visitors into leads by getting to know them, in order to deliver personalized content.
    3. help mature your prospects (scoring & nurturing), with the goal of developing the business by turning those leads into clients. Our solution is destined to support companies during the entire process of inbound marketing. It allows them to create their landing pages and forms, and to push their remarkable marketing content onto their targets and audiences by promoting them on social media and via emailing campaign. It is, thus, an exhaustive tool that provides the ability to create workflows, newsletters and automated intelligent campaigns.
  • How do you reconcile originality and automation ?
  • Plezi adopted a new, innovative and disruptive, approach compared to first-gen players in the automation market.Plezi was built around 3 pillars that make its differentiation. First, the product, with content integrated management (ROI / KPI on all your contents, which allow you to pilot your marketing strategy), respect for the B2B marketer’s work process, a dynamic and truly automated construction of scenarios (big time saver on your side) and a user friendliness “all in one” (rapid configuration and easy to use). The second pillar is proximity, our entire team is based in Paris et Marseille. And finally, the price, with an aggressive pricing policy adapted to the size of targeted companies.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • We wish to benefit from Estimeo’s network and ecosystem and have the opportunity to connect with companies interested in inbound and marketing automation . The partnership is also an opportunity to co-host events together.