The commercial innovation platform between large companies and startups

Inwibe is the commercial innovation platform between large companies and startups based on your business use cases. Act on the performance, by increasing the conversion rate and shorten the time-to-market of your innovative solutions.

  • Actors of the innovation ecosystem may have a hard time meeting and creating relationship based on trust. How does Inwibe facilitate those encounters ?
  • Inwibe developed, on its platform, a matching engine, between use cases of large companies and the value proposals of startups. Inwibe creates trust by supporting both parties of the ecosystem until the contractualization. Inwibe also displays on the platform the DOs & DON’Ts of managing a good relation between both parties. The success analysis lays on two performance indicators: contractualization time and transformation rate.
  • How was your matching algorithm developed in order to ensure that the startup and the large company understand each other and are on the same pagel ?
  • The company’s need is formalized as a use case, which ensures to have a common language between the company’s need and the startup’s value proposition.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • To increase matches between large companies and startups.