IP'Nuts is a webservice for estimating the financial value of your IP rights, such as trademarks, patents and registered designs.

Finantis Value has developed IP'Nuts, a webservice to get an indicative estimate of the financial value of Industrial Property rights (patents, trademarks and designs). A simple and secure service for a relevant and realistic result within 3 working days.<br>IP'Nuts collects the necessary information via a complete questionnaire and then applies a financial valuation method, that is compliant with the best practices and standards in force.

  • Intangible assets represent an important part of the value of startups, how do you value them?
  • The value of a start-up is indeed mainly due to its intangible assets, and particularly Industrial Property rights. Their financial valuation is a tough exercise that requires a systemic view of the rights and related economic activities. Various valuation methods (cost, market comparables, expected income) can then be implemented depending on the asset to be valued and the context. These methods are well described in various standards and best practices. The tricky point lies in the choice of the right method or combination of methods and above all, in the determination of the input data to be considered.
    IP'Nuts offers a service for patents, trademarks and designs, and is based on the most recognized and appropriate method for business contexts: the discounted expected income method. IP’Nuts experts determine the most relevant parameters considering the asset and the related business (discount rate, contribution rate, life duration, etc.). This ensures a relevant and realistic result.
  • What is the process for obtaining an estimate?
  • The process is simple:
    1. The user connects to the website and selects the estimate he needs (patent, trademark, design). At this stage, he can consult and test the questionnaire that he will have to complete, and consult a sample of the expected report. The user confirms his order.
    2. Once the order has been validated, the user is invited to fill in the questionnaire corresponding to his estimate request. No need to be an expert. It is important, however, to provide valid information. At any time, the user can request assistance if need be.
    3. Once the answers are submitted to IP'Nuts, the experts validate the evaluation parameters and return an indicative value range in a report, that is sent by email within 3 working days.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo?
  • Start-ups are usually in search of funds. They have then to gather valid arguments to value their business to deal with potential investors. They sometimes need to process to accounting or financial transactions involving their assets.
    At these different levels, IP'Nuts provides assistance with intangible asset valuation, such as IP rights which contribute to building the start-up value. This is especially the case for start-ups exploiting a patent or a patent portfolio.
    Besides IP'Nuts webservices, the company Finantis Value is able to provide strategic advice on any other asset (industrial property, software, know-how, etc.) and to carry out independent valuations when needed.
    Estimeo and IP'Nuts therefore have a synergy in terms of both qualitative and quantitative start-ups valuations. Our common goal is to be better arm start-ups in their deals with potential investors.
    We therefore expect from this relationship with Estimeo, an opportunity to make this service known and to highlight the fact that intangible has a value that can and must be defended. Conversely, we will be able to propose to our customers to evaluate themselves via Estimeo to complete their valuation and refine their positioning.