Dana & Associés

Cabinet Dana assists start-ups to manage their performance by providing externalized and tailored financial services

We provide a financial services platform to accompany you in the missions of financial forecasting, of cash flow monitoring, of setting up dashboards for continuous improvement, of accompaniment by an outsourced CFO and of preparation for fundraisings, accounting, tax and social management.

  • The financial aspect in launching a project seems complex, how does Dana & Associates help startup companies?
  • By addressing them with an entrepreneurial language and providing them with appropriate solutions. We adapt to the start-up's constraints, we can assist you as needed, on all or part of your financial processes: payroll, accounting, business plan and financial management. We can thus invite you to work with your usual accountant. We can also provide an integrated service. Our experts are here to help you understand your data via our digital platform. We provide you with solutions to automate and secure your processes, and set up an efficient management of your company. We are familiar with the world of companies with high growth potential and can therefore provide you with an outside perspective to advise you in the simplest and most effective way possible.
  • What is the added value for a project leader to have an externalized Administrative and Financial Director?
  • Financial choices can be crucial. The External CFO is here to guide you in these decisions. It helps you structure your processes, management and financial goals quickly. His presence is limited, he operates a couple of days per month and in the event of specific needs. You can thus benefit from his expertise during punctual interventions according to your business needs: checking your cash flow forecasts, producing a dashboard, preparing your business plan for a new fundraising campaign....
  • What do you expect from the partnership with Estimeo?
  • The service provided by Estimeo is highly innovative and interesting both from an outside perspective and from within the start-up. It provides maturity assessments and identifies any room for improvement in accounting & financial processes, which we would be pleased to address in conjunction with your management team.