BR Conseils

BR Conseils is an insurance, savings and funding brokerage firm

We select the best insurance products alongside banking institutions and insurance companies and we offer them to our clients with the most competitive rates and without an brokerage costs. Our offer is, for the most part, digitized and dematerialized with the electronic signature. Our exchanges with clients are thus considerably sleeker, all the while maintaining the human aspect.

  • What differentiates you from a big insurance group ?
  • We have the rates of an online bank while conserving the services of a private bank.

    The value that we wished to incorporate to our offer and on which we really strive is: We select our best insurance products alongside bankings institutions and insurance companies (AXA, Allianz, AIG, Crédit Mutuel Akrea, GAN…) and we offer them to our clients with the most competitive rates and without an brokerage costs. Our offer is, for the most, digitized and dematerialised with the electronic signature, which make our exchanges with clients considerably more fluid, while keeping the human aspect. We have multiple targets: we cater to individuals, liberal professions, as well as to companies (startups and companies of all sizes). Trust, Skill and Responsiveness are the three pillars of our relationship with our clients.. So the biggest part of our work consist in the research and in the selection of high-quality, trustworthy and competitive partners, to better serve our clients interest.

    Our vision really lays on the tailored, long-term support, and on our bright desire to constitute, daily, a powerful support to our clients’ projects. We are then a relay and a support for large banks and insurance companies. We answer to insurance issues and problems inside an ecosystem composed of young creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders, by catching the trends and tomorrow's evolutions.
  • You work with many startups. What are their specific needs, insurance-wise?
  • We are associated members of the “Investor” network, the first Business angels network in France, which allows us to be alongside entrepreneurs, to understand today’s realities, in addition to tomorrow’s evolutions in the insurance sector. The specific needs of startups are in the areas of Professional Civil Liability, Corporate Officers' Civil Liability, Key Person Coverage, Mutual Insurance and Pension Plans, which are each based on criteria of responsiveness, expertise and trust.

    Young creators, entrepreneurs and company leaders scarcely have time to lose. Their insurance problems must be processed with responsiveness, pragmatism and efficiency.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • We expect a win-win partnership which will increase our business flow and enhance both our companies' visibility within our ecosystem.

    We count Estimeo as a client, and we are very happy to be their partner.