The insurance solution dedicated to startups

Launched by David Carasso and Jérémy Dahan in november 2015, Assurup is the insurance solution dedicated to startups. We set up a digital subscription platform that allows its users to compare and subscribe to the insurance solution best adapted to their needs and budget. We are the ideal middle-man between startups et insurance companies.

  • Why is online insurance more interesting than a classic insurance deal ?
  • Assurup can answer every insurance issues online directly on our platform as well as offline by contacting one of our account managers. We rely on a hybrid design in order to adapt to each request. We can intervene at different stages : from early stages, to international development, including fundraising. Furthermore, build tailored contracts to insure new risks, which means there is always an insurance solution for each startup’s services and products. Currently, we are developing a digital platform to enable our clients to subscribe and manage their insurance contacts online. We are pioneers in digitizing insurance brokerage.
  • Aren’t you afraid of being crushed by insurance giants ?
  • Not at all, we are experts in the startup market. We have thorough knowledge of their insurance needs and possibilities. The difference between “insurance giants” and us, is that our market is exclusively composed of startups, notably, around collaborative economy. In sum, our tailored contracts are better suited for and perfectly answer startups’ needs and problems. Besides, we are working with 21 partening insurance company, such as Hiscox, Generali, Axa, Swisslife, Allianz, etc.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • It is a win-win partnership. We collaborate together to expand our client portfolio. We are trying to raise awareness amongst Estimeo’s clients about the importance of insurance.