A tool linking you with the media.

AlgoLinked is a turnkey tool of press relations with no subscriptions needed. It is aimed towards entrepreneurs that wish for their startup to be seen in the medias. The semantic algorithm targets the right journalist for the topic in 2 minutes.The platform enables the dissemination of press releases and telephone reminders.

  • Startups usually have a hard time reaching and catching journalists’ attention. What solution does AlgoLinked have to offer ?
  • AlgoLinked allows startups to disseminate their news to the right journalists and to contact them by phone. The tool is easy to use, even for press release beginners. Traditional press relations are often over priced and out of budget, AlgoLinked offers economy packages allowing startups to use press relation campaigns when they really need them without being engaged by a monthly subscription if they don’t use the tool.
  • Why are press relations essential in a startup’s the global communication strategy ?
  • Beyond traditional communication campaigns, press relation are a unique source of legitimacy and credibility whose cost acquisition/client can quickly become really worthwhile. Besides, the latter allows you to stand out from your competitors stuck at the “self promoting” stage on social medias, with mass advertising, or by emailing campaigns.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • In the initiation phase, we must know where we come from et where we want to go. Estimeo is here to guide the startup in its growth. AlgoLinked, comes into play to boost their visibility to ensure a favorable start, by making journalists notice the startup and relay information and news to their audience. This visibility has a direct effect on the website traffic and sale revenues.
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