APE Avocats

Legal and strategic solutions for innovative organizations

APE Avocats meets the needs of innovative companies by being rigorous and sufficiently broad-based technicians in business law. We are able to identify all legal issues while having a perfect knowledge of the business and strategic challenges of the ecosystem within which our clients operate. This is the reason you will find most people here have a dual competence in both law and business.

  • For a startup, it is difficult to grasp the full range of legal jurisdictions that are available. How does APE Avocats respond to this need throughout the life of a startup?
  • It is accurate to point out that startups - and more generally high-growth and innovative companies in general - have specific and complex legal needs through all stages of their growth. But beyond this, and it is vital to highlight that these companies need their structure, both internally and with their partners and customers, to be in line with their long-term strategic objectives. Our role as an advisor goes beyond simply carrying out specific requests. We can't just stop at "I want to raise 10 million, get me the doc". Which in no way would be good advice or in line with our firm's culture. We want to know why, with whom and how. The final decision is not ours, but it is essential to ask these questions so that our intervention is both appropriate and beneficial.
  • How do the solutions provided by APE Avocats work ?
  • Simple, simple and simple 😉 Bundle in the most cases which vary according to the financial stakes and legal technicity, implementation of tools allowing clients to follow the development of their case in real time (we use Monday as a project management tool) and a high level of commitment and responsiveness (not just a statement, we stand by this point!).
  • What do you expect from the relationship with Estimeo?
  • Estimeo answers a recurring question - and one that is poorly or unsolved - for our customers: - for startups, how to evaluate their project and negotiate their fundraisings properly, - for large groups, how to invest efficiently and identify relevant projects. This partnership will also enable APE Avocats to enrich its links with the startup ecosystem and will therefore provide an opportunity for exchanges and new insights.