5euros is an online collaborative platform where anyone can offer their dematerialized services from 5 euros, called micro-services. is the ally of project leaders. On 5 euros, everyone can offer or buy micro-services, so you have a wide choice of services to choose from. Writing SEO articles, creating logos, websites or Community Management: delegate tasks to experts, even on a small budget. It is the perfect solution if you want to start or grow your business!

  • For a startup, having the right skills at the right time is a crucial issue, how does 5euros support them in this process of seeking skills for a specific deliverable?
  • Startups have specific needs at specific times, and by coming to 5euros they are sure to find the right solution for them. On you will find a wide range of experts in a wide range of fields. Entrepreneurs can easily find a competent service provider to perform the task they wish to delegate. All that remains is to explain precisely what they want and wait for the result! No need for an estimate, they know exactly what they are buying and at what price. Small budget but big projects? 5 euros helps them to develop their business.
  • How can a startup offer its services for 5euros?
  • Nothing could be easier for a startup than to offer its services for 5 euros! All you have to do is register for free and offer a microservice according to your skills. They can, on 5 euros, offer part of their expertise: audit, simple graphic design, etc. This is an ideal opportunity to generate additional revenue but also to make themselves known to a clientele that they would not necessarily have received otherwise. And besides, no need to worry about invoicing, 5euros takes care of everything!
  • What do you expect from the relationship with Estimeo?
  • 5euros wants to stay close to startupers and project leaders in order to offer them tools to go further and boost their business. This is why with our platform you will be able to implement the advice given by Estimeo through our selection of micro services. In addition, Estimeo users will be able to diversify their actions by offering services on