Creator of turnkey mobile apps, websites, and e-commerces !

1000 applis is the functional solution to digitize a retail store with full autonomy and without any commitment. 1000 applis allows you to create easely the website and the mobile app of your company. Specialized in small and medium sized companies, 1000 applis also offers you a vast range of additional digital tools (CRM, digital fidelity cards…).

  • In france, the app market is booming and should reach 655 millions of euros in 2017. How do you plan to jump on the bandwagon?e
  • First, we anticipated the flourish of this market, on the technological level with the choice not to implement our solution on Windows Phone, and the functional one with the market’s maturity. We are linked to recovery initiatives of city-center’s businesses and in the value of french product and expertise. We follow the evolution of our solution according to technologies and new functionalities thought by us, or our clients. Focused on proximity retail and client relationship, we deliver a mobile app for each outlet creating a complex network allowing word of mouth. We are at the start of our journey...
  • Competition is fierce in such a market. What is your added value ?
  • Our added value goes in different branches and expand everyday. First, we offer a mobile app and a CRM allowing our clients to instantly and efficiently communicate, in addition to a customizable mobile app dedicated to each outlets and in full autonomy. Then, we provide companies with a scalable technology by word of mouth that promotes the transfer of the mobile application in a viral way, allowing them to quickly increase their number of customers and their turnover. Finally, our solution is financially flexible with options that can be activated at any time, without investment, without commitment, with a win-win sponsorship principle.
  • What do you expect from your relationship with Estimeo ?
  • In every good relationship, there are connections and a common will to join assets. We have the same perspective on our relationship with clients, offer simple and efficient solutions. We are 2 startups in an accelerating phase needing more visibility and legetimity. The high-quality of Estimeo’s notation will allow us to value our expertise, our assets and also essentials axis we need to improve. Estimeo’s ecosystem will also gain us precious time on our future partnerships and relations in France and Europe. Our solution ‘1000Applis’ can also be a way to help Estimeo’s clients to quickly and efficiently boost their concept / product.