Understand and grasp the startup riskA tool to expand your client offer

Use our identification tool ‘Startup pool’ to select innovative companies.

The rating tool Estimeo offers you an objective and standardized look on the risks and development potential of your client startups.

By inviting them to being rated, you understand better their business to give them a specific offer.

Searching for innovating partners?A simplified selection

Estimeo allows you to systematize the sourcing and screening of startups thanks to the Startup Pool: an advanced multi criteria startup searching tool.

After that, the rating given via the Estimeo platform gives a synthetic, neutral and independent indicator that allows you to qualify the risk/opportunity pair and proceed a wise selection of potential partners.

Understand and grasp the startup riskA clear and detailed analysis

Estimeo bases its detailed and standardized rating report on 6 pillars: human, market, offer, strategy, technology, finance. It allows you to understand the business, the opportunities and the risks of your future partners.

Estimeo gives you a new objective look and a standardized indicator on the risks and key success factors of startups, thanks to collected data, social medias and external databases.

Banks & Corporates

  • Source and select innovative partners
  • Evaluate and select startups that you are interested in
  • Adapt and expand your offers aimed at startups


Scoring allows you to achieve a real milestone on your project.

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Tools to calculate the most accurate valuation of a startup without interest bias.

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