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We combine algorithmic intelligence, human expertise and sectorial data to evaluate startups with accuracy and transparency.

Our analysis is based on 7 pillars: Human, Market, Product, Strategy, Innovation, Finance and Impact to precisely assess each startup value via our platform. 

Alliance for Impact
Alliance for Impact

An independent and trusted third party

Estimeo’s reputation and expertise is recognised by all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. We are a trusted third party among all the innovation players. Our mission is to optimise and accelerate the financing process of startups by analysing their risk, potential and market value.


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Thanks to a unique methodology combining human intelligence and algorithmic expertise, Estimeo provides an unbiased analysis to support you in strategic and financial discussions with partners.


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Accurately estimate the value of your startup.

Raise the right amount, with a correct valuation.

Accelerate the fundraising process.

Simplify negociations.


A VC analyst and an investor bring you their expertise to mentor you in your fundraising process.

Monitoring  – Document review – Valuation and establishment of the financial strategy.

Dilution review – Preparation for negociations – Crafting investor list.

What people say about us

Estimeo’s team is very responsive.

After transmitting our information about our startup, we had a long conversation with their analysts in which we talked about our project, our expectations for the future and our vision. In just few days, we received a high-quality report in both form and content, which brought us a strong added value during our negociations with the investors.

Vincent Bachet

Project Manager, Easymetha

A great experience!

The Estimeo’s multi-criteria methodology allowed us to consider our valuation outside the traditional framework of financial valuation. It is perfectly adapted to startups.

The consistency of the process through the different valuation exercises has highlighted the evolution of a number of important elements of our company’s growth. Each time we had a quick debriefing that was clear and qualitative, thank you Estimeo.

Claude Lubicki

Co-founder & CEO, Colepharma

Thanks to the pitch I presented at the Wednesday Pitch Summit, I have been given the chance to present my project and meet my mentor, Mohamed, who is supporting me in my fundraising. The WPS is in the one hand a huge challenge which allows every entrepreneur to present his solution and in the other hand a wonderful opportunity.

I had the chance to win the WPS and therefore a rating which allowed me to consolidate my position in my market and confort my investors.

Maude Baudier

CEO, Les Bornées


Refine your model, valuate your startup and become the next unicorn!